A tiny development company from Turkey, Izmir.

Turkey, Izmir.

Introduce us to your team.

Hi! We are a tiny development company with fully remote team working throughout Turkey, Izmir. Our main goal is to produce creative and innovative solutions.

About our team.

  • We have a team that consists of 1-5 people.
  • We are a relatively small company that aims to grow by making new projects.
  • Our projects.

    The project we are currently working on is a keyboard called SyncLn One. Our brand is a company that aims to make products for designers and software developers.

    It would be wrong for us to give much information for now, because it is still at the prototype stage. but together with our team, we plan to finish this product quickly and open it for sale.

    For more information..

    For more information, you can check our account. We are mainly using this platform.

    Peace and love,

    The SettleCo Team ✌️